Day 1: My Blog’s Name

Welcome to my blog !
Why did I named my blog as Diary of Colors ?
Why is it Diary ?
According to
Diary is a book in whick you write down your personal experiences and thoughts each day
This is my blog and this is my online diary 😉

Why is it Colors ?
Well for I know, life is beautiful. Life is full of colors. God gave us life and that alone is beautiful
Colors, for me represents happiness, love, anger, frustration and many more emotion.

Therefore my blog is my book of emotion, where I write what I want, share my experience and other random things. And I hope as I explore more and more things, I want the whole world to know it with me

That’s all for now
Please check my Day 2 post for my 30 day blogging challenge tomorrow 🙂
20 Facts About Me ✌


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