Day 2: 20 Facts About Me


Hi readers !
As a starter blogger, of course you guys need to know something about me. And here is 20 of them 🙂
Hope you enjoy reading and somehow relate to me 😀

1. As much as possible, I wear skinny jeans
I don’t like wearing loose pants because I feel like I look like a homeless guy every time.

2. I do not have favorite color
As long as the color agrees with me, i’m cool with it. But I prefer darker shades of colors than lighter

3. I am a fan of Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift
Well who can blame me ? They are both beautiful and talented right ? I would love to see them in one stage someday

4. Dirty and sharp nails 😝 😝
I hate it when I see long nails every time especially if it looks gross like dirt in every corner of it.

5. I hate armpits
I just don’t like seeing armpits. It’s like my most hated part of a human body

6. I hate having haircut
For males, its really important for us to know what haircut to get and I do not know anything about that so every time i’m going to a salon/barber shop I don’t know what to get so it frustrates me every time

7. I don’t like peanut butter
I can eat peanut butter but I just doesn’t like its taste and smell. Not to mention it looks like 💩 (No offense meant for PB lovers tho)

8. I always wear souvenir shirts
My dad likes to travel and every time he come backs home, he always have a souvenir shirts with him and gives it to me

9. One of my fangirl goal is to meet all Victoria’s Secret Angels
Meeting even one of them would be so perfect. Just imagine Adrianna Lima hugging you 😍

10. I am a SUPER fan of the movie Mean Girls
I will be forever waiting for their reunion 😭

11. I hate over reactions
Don’t you just hate exaggerated reactions ? Like I’m done laughing 2 hours ago and she still laughing ?

12. I used to admire anorexic people
Ok. This is probably the most weirdest fact about me but let me explain why
I used to be so fat like I am so insecure and amazed by anorexic people how can they eat so less.
But now I’m into healthy way of losing weight 🙂

13. Frustrated Singer
I actually doesn’t have a bad voice if you compare to other people but I just hate my own voice. Well I think most of us hates our own voice tho

14. I used to be a theater actor
This started when I was in my second year highschool, I joined an organizations where they train everyone on how to act and perform on stage. It was so much fun and wouldn’t forget all my experience there.

15. My dream is to become a lawyer
I never imagined of this when I was young but as I am growing up, I want to achieve my parents’ dream for me, to become a lawyer. And i’m now planning to go to law school soon after I graduate in my bachelor’s degree 👏

16. I love my parents so much
All I do is for them and I just love them. Just imagine, they have been taking care of me in the last 17 years with no exchange. That is what I call unconditional love

17. I prefer candid shots than selfies
I don’t know, but I look better on my candids than my selfies lol.

18. I like posing on pictures like a model
It’s been my mini dream to become a model tho.

19. I fight for what I believe is right
I fight for what I know is right. I just don’t like the feeling of being down when you didn’t get to say what you wanna say ✊

20. I am a Christian
I believe in God. And I am nothing without Him.

Thanks for reading ! Please read my Day 3 post tomorrow 🙂 ( My Favorite Quote )


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