Day 4: My Dream Job

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a Doctor
I always have this Medical Toy kit with me everywhere I go
I play it with my younger nephews and pretend like they are my patients. I also really want to do a surgery, like you open someone’s body and search for something or just play with their organs.
Dreaming and playing as a doctor was so much fun because you get to act the job you want to have. Im never scared of getting sick back then because I know I am a doctor and can cure my self

But as I was growing up, I changed my mind and I now have these two dream job

First one is being a Lawyer. This is like my parent’s major dream for me. They want me to become one because being an attorney is such a honorable title for you to become and of course as a parents, they want nothing but the best for me. But then I realized, I think being a lawyer will suit me because I’m good at arguing 😂

Then there’s this Mini Dream Job 🙂
I want to be a professional model
I never thought of being a model when I was younger but then I discovered this part of me that maybe the reason I want to become a model now. I love wearing nice clothes, pose on pictures, candid shots and I like walking gracefully lol

Thank you for reading 🙂
I really need to improve my writing skills. Do you have any suggestions? maybe ?


3 thoughts on “Day 4: My Dream Job

  1. Hi,
    I met you in the Community Pool. You indicated you were a new blogger. I help new bloggers at my site, and there are three incentives for signing up.
    By the way, I considered becoming a lawyer like my dad. I read what you wrote.


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