Day 5: My Proudest Moment

Well, I have a lot of proudest moment in my life such as recognitions, awards, honors, etc.
But I have to say that my proudest moment would be back when I graduated in Elementary and Highschool.

I was so pleased to announce my award to my parents while running back at home because I got the 3rd Honorable Mention and that was such a good feeling because I know, they will give me a reward. Although being in 5th spot wasn’t my goal. My goal was to become the valedictorian in class but God didn’t allow me to and I may not know why but I know He has a reason and plan.

And also this I remembered, back in my High School graduation. One of my proudest moment because I proved my parents wrong because they challenged me that I wont make it till the last day of High School, but guess what ? I’m now in college.

There is still a lot more but that two I can say is two of most proudest moments in my life 🙂


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