Day 6: What Am I Afraid Of ?

I have been always afraid of strong winds, that is coming from tornado, storm or even just strong blow of wind. I know this is really weird and I’ve search what this phobia is called and it came up to be Ancraophobia.
What is Ancraophobia ?
This is according to Wikipedia

Ancraophobia, also known asanemophobia, is an extreme fear of wind or drafts. 

I have this phobia when I was like in my pre-school days.
Me and my mom was just sitting and talking outside our house then there’s this strong gust of wind came up to us like a tornado (well not a tornado but close to a tornado). Everything that was there flew of so high and I was crying so hard after that happened. And since then, I was afraid of going outside my room or even just a wind from a fan. But that was before and now, I can control it. Most of the time when there is bad weather. I just go inside my room and sleep because I know, I cant stop it and the only thing I can control is my mind 🙂

Thanks for reading 😘:)


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