Day 8: Top 5 Current Goals

Goals are define as dreams, inspirations and it takes courage to achieve it all. It is never easy to achieve them all and most of our goals is actually impossible. But I believe, everything is possible and we can do everything with God 😀
Heads up ! Fight for it !

Here are my top 5 goals as of the moment:

5. Watch/Perform in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I’ve been mentioning VSFS lately a LOT in my recent posts and I’m sure you expected this in this topic so yeah.

4. Become a successful model and endorse top clothing lines

After getting hooked by the VS. It has been my dream to become a model, I just think that being model is one of the best job and fun at the same time

3. Become my batch’s Suma Cum Laude

Well, I always like to be on top cause it feels so good. I don’t know if that’s good but I feel so confident every time I am above others without hurting them. Also I get to talk in front of a lot of people because since elementary my batch’s valedictorian always have boring speech. I wanna make change

2. Become a licensed Lawyer

Its my obsession being a lawyer. I just want to make my parents proud. That’s it 🙂

1. Have the best job in the world

I don’t know what job is this for me. Who knows ? This may be not being a Lawyer or Model ? Only God knows and I am excited to know this soon 😂

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading 😘


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