Day 11: My Top 10 Favorite Food

This post is not for people who’s hungry right now but extremely hungry-able 😂😂😂

Here is my Top 10 Favorite Food 😍🍴

10. Burgers


If I made this post probably back couple of years, burger might get top top 5. I love burgers but sometimes, it makes me feel puke like I cant explain 😁

9. Pancakes


Classic breakfast right ?

8. Isaw (Chicken Intestines)


If you’re not from Asia. Don’t judge 😭😭

7. Dried Mangoes


Less words, just look at that golden perfection

6. Ice Cream


Ice cream ! Cold love 😍

5. Mango with Bagoong


Makes my mouth wet every time…
( If u know what I mean ) 😁

4. Fresh Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Sariwa)


Yummmm 😍

3. Pizza


Who doesn’t like Pizza ?

2. Fries


Comfort food. Regardless where it came from. Give it to me 😂

1. Spaghetti


I don’t know about you but this is one of my bestestiest fave food ever

Ps. All photos aren’t mine
I know my posts aren’t that good including my grammar but I’m trying to improve it as much as I can. Not to mention I publish them every midnight 😭
Thank You for reading 😍😭😁


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