It’s been a good 3 years

It’s been a good 3 years since the last time I visited this blog.

Many things has changed. It’s just so cute and funny to read all my blogs 3 years ago. To be honest, the only reason I tried to post this is because I’m currently at work and I’m doing nothing. This blog is so nostalgic to me. I wonder what will happen in another 3 more years. hmmmmmmm


30 Day Blogging Challenge

Having a blog is like having an internet mind, where you all put your ideas, thoughts and many more.
Last couple of month, I decided to do the 30 day blogging challenge but I failed to do it continuously because of the fact that posting everyday is not really easy. My last post was like a month ago.

But I really wanna continue blogging so I’ve decided to discontinue the blogging challenge and just post here whenever I want to. Ofcourse still topics about me and what’s going on lately. Thank you and love you :mrgreen:

Day 12: My Favorite Childhood Book

I know ! I haven’t posted forever 😐
One reason is because this topic isn’t so much a big deal for me because I wasn’t used to reading books. I am more of films and I just don’t like reading books that much. But anyway, my blogging challenge must go on

So what is my favorite childhood book ?
Back then, I have this set of kiddie books which is so cute and I always love to read the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I just read that book because it is so colorful and it has so many drawings in there.
That’s pretty much of it. I’m sorry about this one 😭

By the way, it’s October 3rd !
Happy Mean Girls Day 😍 Luvya 😘

Day 11: My Top 10 Favorite Food

This post is not for people who’s hungry right now but extremely hungry-able 😂😂😂

Here is my Top 10 Favorite Food 😍🍴

10. Burgers


If I made this post probably back couple of years, burger might get top top 5. I love burgers but sometimes, it makes me feel puke like I cant explain 😁

9. Pancakes


Classic breakfast right ?

8. Isaw (Chicken Intestines)


If you’re not from Asia. Don’t judge 😭😭

7. Dried Mangoes


Less words, just look at that golden perfection

6. Ice Cream


Ice cream ! Cold love 😍

5. Mango with Bagoong


Makes my mouth wet every time…
( If u know what I mean ) 😁

4. Fresh Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Sariwa)


Yummmm 😍

3. Pizza


Who doesn’t like Pizza ?

2. Fries


Comfort food. Regardless where it came from. Give it to me 😂

1. Spaghetti


I don’t know about you but this is one of my bestestiest fave food ever

Ps. All photos aren’t mine
I know my posts aren’t that good including my grammar but I’m trying to improve it as much as I can. Not to mention I publish them every midnight 😭
Thank You for reading 😍😭😁

Day 10: Best Trip of My Life

Finally ! Im back blogging 😍

I am not adventurous type of person but I really do like to explore things on my own it’s just that, I wanna do it with my friends but anyways this 10th day blog post is about the best trip of my life.

It is always been my dream to go around the world or go to places I’ve never been with my friends but I am just 17 so my parents usually doesn’t like me to go out.

Probably, I can say the best (YET) trip of my life would be my vacation last last year like it was long ago and barely remember every piece of it. I was with my mom and older sister and just like having fun inside our vehicle. That night was so nice and relaxing and worrying about nothing. It was one of the best because I love that cold radio night inside the bus kind of vibe. Not to mention my dad couldn’t go that time because of work related situations. I must say, its also my dream to go tripping with my WHOLE FAMILY because that still never happened

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading 😘

Day 9: What’s Inside My Bag ?

I always bring my bag wherever I go, so I could put my things inside and get everything I need easily

So what’s inside my bag ?
I have this pouch where I put some tiny things like some alcohol, powder, tissue paper, pens, eyeglass case, ID and some crayons



Im not good when it comes to fixing my own thing. I just put them all in my pouch


And as a student ofcourse I have a lot of paperworks so I make sure I have a brown envelope to put all my exams and other paper school stuffs

There is nothing much interesting inside my bag because uhmm just because lol. That’s it for today. Thank you 🙂

Day 8: Top 5 Current Goals

Goals are define as dreams, inspirations and it takes courage to achieve it all. It is never easy to achieve them all and most of our goals is actually impossible. But I believe, everything is possible and we can do everything with God 😀
Heads up ! Fight for it !

Here are my top 5 goals as of the moment:

5. Watch/Perform in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I’ve been mentioning VSFS lately a LOT in my recent posts and I’m sure you expected this in this topic so yeah.

4. Become a successful model and endorse top clothing lines

After getting hooked by the VS. It has been my dream to become a model, I just think that being model is one of the best job and fun at the same time

3. Become my batch’s Suma Cum Laude

Well, I always like to be on top cause it feels so good. I don’t know if that’s good but I feel so confident every time I am above others without hurting them. Also I get to talk in front of a lot of people because since elementary my batch’s valedictorian always have boring speech. I wanna make change

2. Become a licensed Lawyer

Its my obsession being a lawyer. I just want to make my parents proud. That’s it 🙂

1. Have the best job in the world

I don’t know what job is this for me. Who knows ? This may be not being a Lawyer or Model ? Only God knows and I am excited to know this soon 😂

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading 😘